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Devil Inside Promotions 1st Anniversary

Last week Devil Inside Promotions put on a weekday show at The Stage at Karma, in Pittsburgh, PA, that ended up being more than anyone expected. This company has become well known in Pittsburgh in a short time for the help it gives bands with show promotions and a lot of leg work to find bands shows they can play but it took a step further this past Wednesday when they put on their own show to celebrate their anniversary. Using a line-up consisting of female fronted bands they mixed genres and took the night from a lighter, but energetic, feel, to heavy and hard core. Those in attendance were not disappointed by this first show that Devil Inside Promotions owner, Dakota Horbaczek, chose to showcase some of the bands he loves from not various areas.

      Starting the night right was Haven State, a band that brings a boss like sound while keeping a modern rock feel. While the lightest sound of the night, they weren’t rainbows and butterflies – vocalist Josie Banks has some power behind those vocal chords and threw herself into the performance. Definitely a good pick to get a crowd going! 

     Up next, OverMyDeadBody – a metal band that’s been picking up a lot of traction these days in the local scene with a recently released video among other things. Each member of this band was on top of their game, playing to the crowd and the devilish glances from each member, along with the sexy glances from vocalist Natasha Saver, told the story of a band that knew how to bring their unique sound to the stage and leave the audience wanting more.

      Touring band Echoheart came to our city from Maryland and loved what they found, and audience that was pumped to hear the new music this rock band had to offer up. Marina Heath was fun, sassy, and this band was much heavier than first assumed. Energetic performance doesn’t quite fit it, these members were all over the stage and in the crowd, leaving many seeking them out after the show to find out more about them.

     The headliner of the night – Reign of Z. If you like metal and haven’t heard this name yet… You will. I’ve seen this band at many shows but this night was the best performance I’ve seen from them yet. A slightly remodeled Zosia West came to the stage with her usual dramatic flare but rather than hardcore leather and chains she was a dark doll in a dress, meshing her look with the vocals we’ve come to know and love – sweet and demonic. I’m not sure what it was that made their performance a brand maker in my book but each member was absolutely on fire and pure electric. Zosia plays the crowd like I’ve never seen, flashing her trademark eyes with a wicked grin and easily changing into something softer. Their music has never sounded more tight and I understand a new song is being released soon – follow that link and check them out.

     The outpouring of love after the show was outrageous, personal posts going up from all over about it. This show was put together by one of the biggest hearts in our scene and it showed in every detail, right down to the crowd that attended. Here’s hoping that we see more shows like this from the man behind Devil Inside Promotions!


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